Ahoy, Matey. When you set sail for fun, do you prefer to avoid the pirates? #

Then go swim with the sharks! Har Har Har!

Shark Jokes

by C.M.C. Mandra

Delightful Fun for Everyone


There is a new book sailing the waters of the literary ocean. It is Shark Jokes. There are 100 pages of lighthearted fun that can be enjoyed by sailors and landlubbers of all ages.

  • Swim with the sharks
  • You won't get wet
  • Only educational Shark Joke book in existence

Take a look at this! Pure fun awaits those who enter the world of sharks. Naturally,we mean the shark jokes, too! Take time to smile in the course of your day with Shark Jokes. All the different types of sharks mentioned are real species. There are 400+ varieties of shark known in the world's oceans, and many more waiting to be found. Meanwhile you can find many that we already know about in Shark Jokes

A fine and informative collection of jokes, riddles, and anecdotes.
Catching the fun! J
Closing in
Detecting fun
Swimming along

This book can be enjoyed by lots of people because it is for everyone.

  • Divers
  • Sailors
  • Nature lovers
  • Sport lovers
  • Everyday folks
  • Even Pirates

Oceanic miles of smiles await!